Payment valid for 3 months.

Cancellations of driving lessons must be done 24 hours in advance, cancellation on the day of the test will result in forfeiture of the lessons.

Always bring your learner’s license with when attending driving lessons.

Strictly no refunds.

Account to be settled before the test date. Malicious damage to the company property will attract costs.

Clients following courses will not be booked without prior, irrespective of whether a test date has been allocated.

All lessons will be paid for in advance. No lessons will be given without such advanced payment.

Motor vehicles of Thupello Driving Academy will not be made available to clients for tests when there are fees outstanding.

Lessons must be cancelled, or alternative arrangements be done 24 hours in advance, failure to do so shall result in all paid fees forfeited. No money will be paid back to clients under any circumstance. If lessons are cancelled, new appointments must be made.

Clients must be punctual for their lessons, as no time will be added or money refunded as a result of late arrivals.

Training sessions lasts 50 minutes. Starting 5 minutes after the hour and continue until 5 minutes before the next hour.

All clients must at all time have their identity and learner’s license when attending lessons, or getting instructions of any nature. Clients must have these documents with them when going for a test at the testing grounds.

Any client who deliberately damages our property will be held responsible.