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We will teach you everything you need to know about driving. We always make sure that all our learners receive all the necessary knowledge about driving, either you know how to drive or not but we strive to make sure that you PASS your learner’s license and driver’s license on first attempt

Learner’s License Code 8 & 10

You need to be at least 17 years old and above to obtain Learner’s license. We will provide you with study material as well as computerized test for practice to prepare you for the real test

Driver’s License Code 8 / B

Light motor vehicle license. You must have code 8 / B Learners license 



Driver’s License Code 10 / C!

Heavy motor vehicle license. You must have valid code 10 Learner’s license in order to get code 10 driver’s license


  • We assist with disability endorsement on your driver’s license card, if you got disabled after you had your license.
  • We assist with motor vehicle registration – WeQ4U
  • We assist with drawing of motor vehicle registration papers – WeQ4U
  • We assist with renewing your car disc – WeQ4U
  • We assist with change of ownership – WeQ4U
  • We assist with foreign license conversion to local license
  • We assist with traffic register (TRN)
  • We assist with PRDP Public
  • We offer driver assessment for corporate clients

Assistance with Traffic Register Number with all documents required


You must renew your motor vehicle licence every year before it expires. If you fail to renew your licence, you will be liable to pay late licensing penalties and arrears.


When you sell your vehicle, you must notify your registering authority on the Notification of change of ownership/Sale of motor vehicle (NCO) form. The new owner must register the car in their name.